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Calling all fashionistas, your dream job awaits you!!! We are looking for Brand Ambassadors to join the nuyu team. Not only will you receive perks like free clothes and earn extra cash, but it’s a venture that looks great on your resume. So, if you're obsessed with your insta and care about your wardrobe, this is the opportunity for you!

Become a brand ambassador

Get free cute clothes & earn cash

VIP early access to newest collections

Letter of recommendation & job opportunities in fashion

nuyu has Ambassadors in 30 schools across the country you can connect with

Host a trunk show

Are you interested in hosting a trunk show? Throwing a trunk show is a great way to add an edge to whatever party or event you have going on or just to have a bonding / shopping experience with your friends. Contact us with more details on how.

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Make new friends and connections by working with other ambassadors, campus & country-wide.

Earn up to 15% of all sales + Raise up to 15% for your favorite philanthropy

Unique learning experience, covering sales, marketing, & more

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