Tailgate Essentials

Tailgate Essentials

Gameday season is coming up fast and whether this is your first rodeo, you're a senior, or a tailgating pro, we have the full guide to make sure you are ready for every Saturday morning.



Tip 1: Everyone’s favorite subject, food! Even if you are not a breakfast person, or don’t feel like having a full meal at 7am, tailgates are long and take a lot of energy. Bring a bar, even if you don’t eat it, someone else will.



Tip 2: Don’t hate on the fanny pack: Although, we don’t necessarily recommend adding it to your everyday wardrobe, strapping one around your waist for a game day is the easiest way to make sure you have all the essentials.



Tip 3: Although we all wish we lived in a perfect world where it is 75 and sunny everyday, we don’t all go to Berkeley. As the weather changes so do your tailgate necessities.

If it’s cold...

  • Don’t let a sudden drop in temp stop you from wearing that outfit you have had planned for days. Invest in a warm thermal or a Uniqlo heattech long sleeve and leggings to wear underneath.
  • Double up on socks or triple up on socks, or put on more and more socks till your shoes don’t fit.
  • Thank your mom and admit she was right (as per usual) and shove those hand warmers into a pair of gloves. And while you’re at it, throw in some foot warmers as well.
  • Break out the beanie. A cold day is a great opportunity to rep your school while still looking fun and ~chill~.
  • If you are a true fan and plan on making it to the game, don’t be ashamed to run home and grab your knee length jacket. I promise your friends will be jealous.
UNIQLO HEATTECH Scoop Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This UNIQLO HEATTECH Scoop Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt pairs great with a pair of our leggings


If it’s raining...

    • If you go to a school where it rains a lot, invest in a pair of school colored rainboots. It really isn’t fun spending your whole day in soaking wet and muddy shoes.
    • If it’s warm and raining bring a lightweight poncho, maybe even in one of your school colors.
    • If it’s chilly bring out a fleece lined raincoat that will keep you warm while protecting you from the rain



Tip 5: If your school embraces the sundress over a school tee, here are a few easy accessories to show your school spirit on game day: face stickers, jewels, temporary tattoos, nail polish, baseball cap, or a hair bow/ribbon!



Stay safe and have fun!--and seriously eat breakfast...eating is fun.