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nuyu: Brand Every College Woman Needs to Know About

nuyu brand is a great clothing line for living life to the fullest. According to their mission statement, their premise is:

“To connect women by empowering them to wear their passion, boldly or discreetly.”

Originally the collection was inspired by smart and ambitious college women, later on transitioning into a wider range of clothing. There is a section dedicated to clothes created for different colleges.

Click here to find yours.


Not only you can get college specific but theme specific as well. Who wouldn’t like to wear these clothes when preparing for finals. Click here for more!



If you are not looking to wear something that’s not particularly theme or college related, there is a section for you – the Essentials sections.

Basically, if you are a woman who’s living an active yet stylish life, wants to look good at the gym as well as outside – nuyu is for you!

I mean, check out the back of this top!