Featured Brand Ambassador: Jordyn

My name is Jordyn and I am from Colorado! I am currently a student at the University of Colorado Boulder, double majoring in International Affairs and Political Science. I am aiming for Law School after graduation! I am a Student Ambassador here at CU which means I give tours to prospective students and help put together other events on campus.


A Woman Who Inspires Me:

My inspiration is Meryl Davis. She is an American Ice Dancer representing the Unites States with her partner, Charlie White. She and Charlie are the 2014 Ice Dance Olympic Champions. Meryl has been my inspiration since I began ice dancing myself when I was about 10. Her dedication to her sport and her cheerful personality have always been my personal motivation. Even when training days were rough she continues to push through and inspire others to achieve their own dreams. I aspire to be as successful and happy in my field as she has been in hers. 

Why I Love nuyu: 

I love nuyu because it encourages girls to stay active while still being a great option for fashion. The clothes are comfortable yet also incredibly cute so I find myself wearing them out with friends or even to the gym. I think that the dual functionality is a key aspect in why I love the brand so much.