Looks We Like: University of Michigan Double Layer Tank

This week we're launching the Looks We Like feature on our new blog!

Written by Michelle Della Giovanna, Looks We Like offers a bi-weekly glimpse into the myriad of possibilities your nuyu apparel can be worn. Heading to class? Check. Heading to the gym? Check. Drinks with the girls or that cute guy from your english class? Check. And don't worry, we have you covered for the perfect tailgate outfit too.


Long gone are the days of buying a stiff oversized men’s t-shirt with your school’s logo plastered unfashionably across the front. Welcome to a world where college apparel doesn’t just show school spirit but also an unmistakable sense of style. Whether you’re dressing for a night on the town, a big game, or rolling out of bed late for class (sorry mom and dad), these pieces are the perfect go to for your wardrobe. So how do you wear the same tank top to class, the gym, and a party (I mean study group)? You came to the right place. Check out nuyu's University of Michigan mesh double layer tank. We’ve dressed it up, dressed it down, and got it hot and sweaty.

University of Michigan Double Layer Tank Casual Look

Top- nuyu; Jeans- American Eagle; Backpack- Herschel; Sunglasses- Ray-Ban; Shoes- Converse


Whether you’re heading to class or grabbing a frappuccino on your way to an all-nighter at the library, this little tank has got you covered. We’ve matched it with a pair of distressed cropped jeans, sneakers, and a backpack for the 20 books you were required to spend a small fortune on this semester. I’m looking at you required gen eds. With this look, you’ve mastered the “cute without trying” thing you’ve been using to impress that hottie in your otherwise boring study sesh.

University of Michigan Double Layer Tank Workout Look

Top- nuyu; Sports Bra- nuyu; Legging- nuyu; Sneaker- Nike; Headphones- Beats


Wearing a jersey tank while working out! What a revelation?! Ok… so we haven’t exactly reinvented the wheel here, but this tank is way cuter than the typical gym tee. Match it with the University of Michigan leggings and sports bra and you’ll look like a pro athlete in the making. Whether you’re circuit training, doing cardio, or enjoying the social scene over a green smoothie, you’ll be sure to blend right in.

University of Michigan Double Layer Tank Dressy Look

Top- nuyu; Skirt- H&M; Necklace- Revolve; Clutch- Rebecca Minkoff; Shoes- Revolve


Now that you’ve blended in at the gym, it’s time to stand out at night. Whether you have a date for the big game or are planning a girl’s night with your squad, you can work this flirty top. Dress it up with a pencil skirt, chunky necklace, and boots for a sophisticated and sexy night out. And let’s be honest, when you reach that point in the night (which we all do) where you toss your shoes to the side with wild abandon, you’ll be way comfier than that girl next to you in the super tight bandage dress.