Looks We Like: University of Colorado

Every sport I ever played was based solely on the outfit that came with it, which is how I ended up being a cheerleader and tennis player. Cheerleading offered iconic uniforms while tennis came with an array of cute skorts and fitted tops. I'm pretty sure there is no other sport in the world where you look as good as you do when playing tennis *cough* Maria Sharapova *cough*. Not to mention that skorts are insanely comfy. Looking good and not having to worry about accidentally flashing your underwear is a win/win. Too bad no one told Brit or Miley. Hence, we bring you this week's look, which includes the nuyu University of Colorado A-line skort.

Top- nuyu; Bra- nuyu; Sneaker- Nike; Skort- nuyu; Backpack- Nike; Tennis Racket- Head


Game Time

Getting ready for a long practice or just planning to volley with a friend? We've got you covered. Whether it's match point or you're grabbing a cold pressed juice after practice, you'll look like a Williams sister in the making. We paired this skort with a fitted tank and pops of color for a fun and flirty workout ensemble. We think you'll ace that serve almost as well as we've aced this outfit.


Classroom Casual

Just because that gen-ed lecture you signed up for is crazy boring, doesn't mean you need to be. We paired the University of Colorado A-line Skort with a fitted crop top, thigh high stockings, ankle boots, and a trendy hat. Wear this Parisian inspired look to grab a coffee, hit up the library, or go to class. Wherever you end up, we're sure you'll turn some heads.


Night on the Town

The score might start out at LOVE : LOVE on the court, but we're hoping to form a little chemistry off the court as well. We matched the University of Colorado A-line Skort with a fun crop top, wedge heels, a beaded clutch, and a gold choker for a sporty chic nighttime look. Whether you've been chatting up that guy in lit class or swiping right, now’s the time to make your move. Game. Set. Match.